Lafayette graduates attend a wide range of law schools after carefully considering their professional goals and qualifications.

At the top of the rankings, Lafayette graduates from 2014-2016 were admitted to each of the law schools ranked in the top 20 in 2017 except for Yale (#1) and Northwestern (#10, there were no Lafayette applicants). The list of top law schools below identifies where Lafayette graduates were admitted two of the past three years and, for those marked with an asterisk, admissions all three years:

#3 Harvard*
#4 U Chicago
#5 Columbia*
#6 New York University*
#7 U Penn
#8 University of Michigan*
#8 University of Virginia
#12 University of California, Berkeley
#13 Cornell
#14 U Texas
#15 University of California, Los Angeles
#15 Georgetown
#17 Vanderbilt

The two charts below present information about the Lafayette law school applicant population in 2015-2016. The pie chart displays how long applicants were out of college before applying to law school: college seniors, 1-3 years and greater than 3 years. The second chart provides the total number of applicants with averages for several characteristics.



2013 - 2014