The law school application process requires advanced planning. Students are encouraged to consult with Maureen Walz in the Gateway Career Center to discuss and develop their best application strategies. Appointments can be made by calling 610.330.5115.

Applications to law schools are typically available starting in September with deadlines set in mid-March. To be most competitive, students are encouraged to apply as early in the process as possible. Typically, this requires that a student prepare for and take the LSAT in either June after their junior year or late September in their senior year. There is an LSAT offered in December but it is best utilized if a student haven taken the September test chooses to take the test a second time.

Law School Admissions Council

Students apply to law schools online through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), a non-profit organization providing the following list of services:

LSAC provides application checklist here. Applicants will create an LSAC account in order to register  to take the LSAT and (several months before applying to law schools) will register with the Credential Assembly Service. This service receives information from applicants and, once complete, distributes it to law schools listed by the applicant.  A complete law school application includes the electronic application completed by the applicant with all relevant attachments (i.e. personal statement, resume, and any addenda) combined with a complete CAS file sent directly to the law school by LSAC (transcript(s), letters of recommendation, and LSAT score or scores).

Electronic applications have been made more efficient by flowing more information from one electronic application to the next, saving you from filling in the same questions on each application. Law schools will display their names and logos on each form so you are clear about the information required by that school. A completion bar is offered so that you will know which application sections have been completed and which remain to be completed.

If you have any difficulty, please contact LSAC’s candidate service representative by phone (215.968.1001) or email (