LAW gradesYour LSAC file is not complete until it includes all relevant transcripts.   You should have registered for the Credential Assembly Service several months (and at least several weeks) before you actually apply to law school. Once you have an account, you can access/download a prefilled transcript coversheet from your CAS file and provide it to the Lafayette College Registrar’s Office, following their instructions. Lafayette will send your transcript directly to LSAC with the identifying coversheet.

If you have studied abroad, please check this LSAC guidance to see if you need to have transcripts also sent by another institution.

It takes LSAC approximately two weeks to process your transcript; what is created is a uniform LSAC transcript that you can view through your LSAC account.

Law schools are not just looking at your grades and grade trends, they are also analyzing the choices you seemed to have made as you worked your way toward earning your degree. They look for the levels of challenge you chose to accept and, certainly, how you met those challenges. In most cases it is not advisable to choose low levels of challenge just to present a strong grade average. Take time to talk with your faculty advisor and other faculty as you make your course selections. Feel free to chat with Maureen Walz, too.