Your Resumé

As you prepare your application materials, do not neglect to have your resumé reviewed for form and content by Gateway Counselors in the Gateway Career Center. Their advice and guidance is essential to assure that your resume presentation is both thorough and succinct. Gateway Counselors are available by appointment. You can also drop off your document at the Gateway Career Center and a Counselor will have the critique prepared for you to pick up in 3 days. All documents must be dropped off in person. They may not be emailed. If you need assistance in preparing a resume, you may schedule an appointment, utilize drop-in hours such as Candy & Career Chats and/or Counselor on Call, in addition Resumé Riots (quick critiquing sessions) and Resume Dops are also scheduled throughout the semester.

Application Addenda

Because there might be explanations you would like to provide to law school admissions officers about some aspect of your life or college performance, you may attach an addendum (or more) to your electronic applications. It is important to discuss your choice to do so and your writing with Maureen Walz or someone you trust; everything you choose to say and how you say it needs to be carefully considered.